Located just downbeach of Atlantic City, Transportation Services of America, Inc. is a family owned third party transportation logistics company that was founded in 1984. TSA specializes in nationwide truckload service within the 48 contiguous states without any lane restrictions.

TSA understands that the transportation industry is continually changing, especially in regards to the industry’s safety nets. Over the last several decades, the transportation industry was deregulated, the Interstate Commerce Commission (I.C.C.) was dissolved, and the Highway Administration’s role continues to be limited. These changes within the industry resulted in a “buyer beware” environment, creating a lack of protection for shippers and manufacturers. To counteract this, and to protect our customers’ interests, TSA implemented a stringent screening process where every carrier placed under contract endures ongoing inspections of their authority, insurance coverage verifications, and regular performance reports.

Through utilizing TSA’s services, you are able to ship your product with peace of mind knowing that it’s in good hands.